Join us for a super fun, personalised & a hands-on Makeup Workshop with a professional Makeup Artist in Malvern, Victoria.


  • 18th August (Sun) 10am- 2pm

  • 14th September (Sat) 2pm- 6pm

  • 6th October (Sun) 10am- 2pm

(For other dates please contact us)

VENUE: Toorak Corporate, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, Victoria-3144

PREREQUISITE: No prior experience in makeup required. Suitable for Age 16 & above

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY: Makeup Handbook & a Letter of completion

PLEASE BRING ALONG: All your makeup & brushes you may have and are advised not to buy new makeup for this workshop as the makeup artist can assist you with makeup looks with what you own & supplement with what you don’t. They will recommend new products based on your skin type/color which will make it easy to go shopping for the right products.


This workshop broadly covers:

• Prepping & perfecting your skin with moisturizer & primer

• Flawless application of concealer, foundation & compact

• Highlight & contour according to your face shape

• Application of eye primers, shadows & the correct technique of blending

• Perfecting eyeliner, kohl & mascara application for your eyes

• Brow filling

• The secret to application of perfect lipstick

• Getting your blush right

• Practicing the smokey eye

• Quick make-up coverups & how to make your make-up last longer

• Selecting make-up according to your skin type & tone

• Learn different makeup looks such as a day look, evening look and a special occasions look

• Learn the correct use of make-up brushes, products and various tools & be able to put together an essential make-up kit. This is a basic to intermediate level workshop.

Bookings are essential and 100% in advance. Limited seats per batch!

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