Teen Finishing Program

Teen Finishing Program



International Social & Dining Etiquette, Communication, Image, Poise, Posture & Decorum

Presented by

Devyani Joon, Certified International Etiquette Consultant

VOUCHER VALIDITY: 12 months from the date of purchase (We will send you an e-voucher by email within 48 hours of payment)

VOUCHER REDEMPTION: To redeem a voucher, simply need to email the Voucher Code to info@dashfinishingschool.com.au with ' ‘voucher code' in the subject line

VENUE: Toorak Corporate, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, Melbourne

AGE: 13-17

DRESS CODE: Young ladies are requested to wear skirts/dresses and dress shoes. Young men are requested to wear jackets (ties optional)/ or simply a dress shirt with dress shoes. Jeans, trainers, track suits, caps and other sportswear is highly discouraged.

PRICE: $ 799 (Introductory Price) For payment in instalments please call 0416344559

Instalment options: 1st instalment: $399 (To be paid immediately to secure the participant’s slot) / 2nd Instalment: $400 (To be paid 30 days prior to commencement date)

INCLUSIONS: General tuition includes an illustrated workbook, morning and mid-day refreshments, a formal 3-course luncheon tutorial, a 4-course Afternoon Tea at The Hotel Langham, Melbourne (or equivalent), Excursion fees and a Certificate of Participation.


Dash Finishing School ‘Teen Etiquette, Dining & Deportment’ modules combine to create a Swiss finishing school alternative in Melbourne, designed to give adolescents the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults. Occasionally, as parents, we see our children being bombarded daily with peer pressure and messages that do not always reflect the values that are important to us. We want our children to develop their own self-identity and to continue to build their confidence and thinking skills. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of this age group. They are highly interactive and fun, and are in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem. We provide a platform for the finest cross-cultural etiquette tutelage.

Let us support you in equipping your teen with the leadership skills he or she needs to not only handle a variety of situations with poise and confidence, but to also be prepared for success in the global economy of the 21st century.

A sample of topics covered include:

-      Social, Communication & Leadership Skills

-       Introductions: Formal & Informal

-       Handshakes & Social Greetings

-       Self-respect & Respect for Others

-       International Dining Skills (Practical): Formal 7 course place settings, 3 universally accepted styles of dining -UK, Continental & US, how to use tricky utensils such as escargot tongs, fish knife, chopsticks, etc

-       Art & Etiquette of Afternoon Tea (Practical): Excursion to Hotel Langham or equivalent

-       The Art of Communication

-       Voice, Speech, Elocution & Public Speaking

-       Conversation & Listening Skills

-       Poise, Posture, Body Language & Deportment

-       Social Media Etiquette & Safety

-       The Etiquette of Public Places

-       University Interview Preparation

-       Self Image, dress codes and proper attire

-       Host & Guest Duties

This program is for self improvement only. Audio and Visual recordings are strictly prohibited. Bookings are essential and 100% in advance. Limited seats per batch. Upon booking, we will send you a welcome letter which will include all program details.

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