High Tea or Afternoon tea, What’s the fuss?

Did you know the difference between high tea and afternoon tea?


Well, back in the day, afternoon tea was served in palaces between 2pm-5pm accompanied with loose leaf tea, scones, finger sandwiches, petit fours. Once the afternoon tea was over then all the left overs were feasted on by the staff in their quarters and enjoyed over a casual setting. This did comprise of a heartier meal and thereon got the name high tea !

The two terms have however evolved over time and are been used interchangeably more often! So whatever you like to call it, just a few guidelines on “Tea Etiquette”

·      Pinch the teacup handle instead of cradling the cup

·      Cup & saucer should not be separated beyond 12 inches

·      No pinkies please!

·      To dunk or not to dunk ? No dunking of biscottis, sandwiches, scones

·      Afternoon tea sandwiches are essentially finger food and must be eaten with the fingers and oh yes there is a particular way of eating scones as well (more on that next time)


Afternoon tea at Hotel Windsor

The Langham afternoon tea with wedgewood

High Tea at Hopetoun tearooms

One of my personal favorite tearoom is Miss Marple’s nestled in the Dandenong ranges (Sassafras). Their english breakfast loose leaf tea paired with scones topped with whipped cream & jam = Delicious!