Beauty & Styling Program

Beauty & Styling Program



This voucher is apt for anyone who would love to learn about makeup, hairstyling and personal styling and delve deeper to learn the techniques, tips & tricks for their own self. This is a super fun, personalised & a hands-on program which is ideal for anyone right from a total beginner to someone wanting to refresh their beauty & styling skills!

VOUCHER VALIDITY: 6 months from the date of purchase (We will send you an e-voucher by email within 48 hours of payment)

VOUCHER REDEMPTION: To redeem a voucher, simply need to email the Voucher Code to with ' ‘voucher code' in the subject line

VENUE: Toorak Corporate, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, Victoria-3144

PREREQUISITE: No prior experience required. Suitable for Age 16 & above.



This program covers the following workshops:

Makeup (4 hours)

Hairstyling (4 hours)

Personal Styling (3 hours)

Batch sizes are kept small and exclusive (max 8 participants) and are extremely personalized and practical in nature to ensure that each participant gets the attention that they deserve. All faculty members teaching this program are qualified experts from the industry.



This workshop broadly covers:

• Prepping & perfecting your skin with moisturizer & primer

• Flawless application of concealer, foundation & compact

• Highlight & contour according to your face shape

• Application of eye primers, shadows & the correct technique of blending

• Perfecting eyeliner, kohl & mascara application for your eyes

• Brow filling

• The secret to application of perfect lipstick

• Getting your blush right

• Practicing the smokey eye

• Quick make-up coverups & how to make your make-up last longer

• Selecting make-up according to your skin type & tone

• Learn different makeup looks.

• Learn the correct use of make-up brushes, products and various tools & be able to put together an essential make-up kit. This is a basic to intermediate level workshop.


This workshop broadly covers:

· Recognize your own hair & scalp type & how to care for it.

· Identify various hair products, tools and equipment.

· Learn concepts such as: Twists, Braids, Poufs, Buns, Knots, Runway Pony

· Practice techniques such as: Backcombing, Sectioning, Blow wave, Straightening, Curls & waves

· 6 Final hairstyles

Please avoid washing hair on the day of the workshop. Day 2 hair would be preferable.


The workshop broadly covers:

• Identifying your own personal style

• Color analysis & identifying your coloring

• Understanding & creating a balance between trends & classics.

• Dressing as per your body shape to highlight the assets & minimize the flaws.

• The art of illusion & camouflage dressing and layering

• How to conduct your wardrobe assessment, wardrobe planning & visualisation exercise

• Dress codes, occasion dressing & dressing age appropriately

• Clothing Combinations

• Accessorizing

• Scarf Styling

• Quality and fit

• Shopping tips

• Other styling tips & tricks

WORKSHOP TAKEAWAY: Beauty & Styling Handbooks & a letter of completion


For Makeup / Hairstyling Workshops: All your makeup & brushes / Hairstyling brushes & equipment that you may have and are advised not to buy new products for this program as we can assist you with what you own & supplement with what you don’t. We will recommend new products based on your skin / hair type which will make it easy to go shopping for the right products.

For Personal Styling Workshop: Scarves that you may want to style. Incase you don’t have or unable to carry, you’re more than welcome to borrow ours

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