International Dining Etiquette Workshop

International Dining Etiquette Workshop



This voucher is apt for anyone wanting to equip themselves with international dining skills, the confidence and poise needed for any social, business or cocktail party, reception or networking event.

VOUCHER VALIDITY: 6 months from the date of purchase (We will send you an e-voucher by email within 48 hours of payment)

VOUCHER REDEMPTION: To redeem a voucher, simply need to email the Voucher Code to with ' ‘voucher code' in the subject line

VENUE: Toorak Corporate, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, Victoria-3144

PREREQUISITE: Suitable for age 16 & above.


This workshop broadly covers:

-Protocol for Passing, Ordering, Paying and Tipping

-Formal & Informal Place Settings for a 3,5 & 7 course meal (Practical)

-Dining decorum & gracefully handling difficult foods & situations

-Correctly identifying & demonstrating the American & European styles of dining

-Identifying various chopsticks & demonstrating its correct use.

-Flatware & Stemware Protocol

-Napkin Folding & Etiquette

-Forms of Service

-Tea Etiquette

-Eating Soup Gracefully

-Dining Dos and Don’ts

*Dietary Information: The various foods served are vegetarian and for practice purposes only whereby consumption is optional. In case of dietary requirements & allergies, we welcome you to contact us before booking.

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY: International Dining Etiquette Handbook & Letter of completion

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